video production

Sinister Studios is now offering music video production.
We offer videos for
* Bands
* Playing Along to Songs for Youtube

We produced two music videos that are out now from Mike’s band SAGE4.

Band Videos


Youtube Videos

Kyle Strutz = Alice In Chains – No Excuses (1-13-2012)

Kyle Strutz = Fright Night – Dream Window (7/5/2011)

Kyle Strutz = Black Sabbath – Iron Man (4-15-2011)

Kyle Strutz = Black Sabbath – Paranoid (3-16-2011)

Kyle Strutz = Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe (2-21-2011)

Kyle Strutz = Alice In Chains – Them Bones (1-7-2011)

Kyle Struz = John 5 – 2 Die 4 (9-6-2010)

Our team is based around Vancouver Film School graduate Brandon Sears and his crew of trained professionals. We have access to a 20′x17′ film stage to film videos and offer professional level green screen work in.

We also offer Youtube videos for those who want to play along to songs. These videos are $30 an hour and usually take around 1 hour to do from start to finish.

Music Videos start at $250 and up depending on director needs, crew size, film locations, live recordings, green screen, etc, email for quote.