Gear Repair

“Gear repair work is done by Electrical Veteran Ali Danesh. He fixes anything from computer boards, to installing your pickups. Ali does all the electrical work on Mike’s custom guitar line called, Sinister Musick”

Hourly rate = $45

* Typical Turn Around Time is 3 to 10 business days

* Email Mike for repairs at

* Typical Guitar Pickup install time frame is 5 business days and $50 for two passive pickups and $30 two active pickups. Boost switches and/or phase switches are extra labor and might take a few more days.

Examples of Recent Work Done:

* Diezel VH4 (Resistor Mod to Channel 4, makes it tighter/articulate)

* Framus Cobra Retube and Bias

* Peavey 6505 Retube and Bias

* Marshall JCM 2000 (Replace transformer, power tubes, bias)

* Mesa 3 Rectifier (FX Loop mod from Parallel to Series)

* Double Neck Guitar Pickup Install (Mike Walsh’s Gedusa gets Black Outs to kill the hum)

* JSX (EL34 Voltage Recall)

* Crate Blue Voodoo 120 (Grounding noise issue and blown board fuse)

* Fender Deluxe (Input and circuit board wiring issues)

* EMG 81 and 85 Pickup Installs (Done regularly)